Gamete Storage

As many members of the IZFS know, at the he community session of the SCZI 2024 meeting in Asilomar, Yaniv Elkouby alerted us to the exciting new finding that zebrafish sperm can be stored at room temperature and still be used to successfully fertilize eggs.

As Yaniv (an author on the paper) explained:
“Norioshy Sakai (NIG, Japan) developed a simple, straight forward method for the storage of functional sperm at room temp. For up to 10 days. His paper (for which we contributed a tiny bit) is just out in Zebrafish. We used this method to send sperm via simple FedEx shipping at RT, between Israel, Japan and California with successful fertilization rates in IVF to establish the lines in the corresponding labs.
I believe that this method can transform the way our community shares lines and I thought it would be useful to quickly let people know about this in the community session.”

Here we are including the original paper, published in Zebrafish journal, Takemoto et al., 2023; the slides from the presentation; a link to the JOVE publication where Cecilia Moens and Bruce Draper explain in vitro fertilization for those of you who have never performed this technique.

Kathleen Whitlock, April 2024

Community Session Presentation

In Vitro Storage of Functional Sperm
at Room Temperature in Zebrafish and Medaka

A High-Throughput Method For Zebrafish Sperm
Cryopreservation and In Vitro Fertilization

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