IZFS Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC)

Our mission: we aim to provide strategic recommendations to IZFS leadership regarding initiatives that can maximize the benefits of international scientific interactions and activities whilst minimizing environmental impact.

Members: Maximilian Breuer (Chair), Viviana Vedder (Chair), Ashley Bruce, Tom Carney, Miguel Concha, Sunandan Dhar, Judith Eisen, Corinne Houart, Erez Raz

IZFS Sustainability Audit


Environmental Sustainability session at the 12th European Zebrafish Meeting
10th July 2023, Krakow, Poland – register here
ESC is looking for poster abstract submissions on sustainability, pollution and environment: including research, initiatives and lab updates. With your help we will work towards a sustainable future in science.


Read about our past activities:

Environmental Sustainability session at IZFC 2022
Interview with the University of Toronto Trash Team

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