Canadian Zebrafish Research Community

Canadian Zebrafish Research Community

This IZFS community serves as a hub for Canadian zebrafish researchers to establish common resources, have gathering events, provide networking opportunities, and enhance the visibility of early career researchers.



Michelle Collins, PhD

University of Saskatchewan


Ruben Marin Juez, PhD

University of Montreal


Eric Samarut, PhD

 University of Montreal

Upcoming Activities

  • 2nd Annual Canadian Zebrafish Research Community Meeting: May 14, 2024 in Montreal, Canada
  • 3rd Annual Canadian Zebrafish Research Community Scientific Meeting, spring 2025 in Toronto, Canada
  • Webinar series primarily developed by and for postdocs and PhD students from Canadian labs
  • Developing an online repository for list of zebrafish lines available in Canada, job postings, internship offers and mentoring opportunities
  • Technology and Expertise Exchange Programs (TEEPs)

Proposal Submissions for up to two TEEP awards are currently being accepted from June 15 – July 1, 2024.
Proposals should be submitted to

How to Join

Although joining the IZFS is not currently required to be part for the Canadian Zebrafish Research Community, we strongly encourage you to become an IZFS member.  Will benefit from the IZFS infrastructure and resources. Therefore, the support of the IZFS is instrumental to the present and future success of this initiative. If you are not a current IZFS member, please visit the membership page to either join or renew your IZFS membership today.

By joining the Canadian Zebrafish Research Community, you will start receiving communications and invitations to participate in upcoming activities.

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