About Us

Our Mission

  • To promote zebrafish research in efforts to better human health
  • To promote educational initiatives, programs and forums
  • To advocate for zebrafish research and represent the interests of the international community
  • To promote international cohesion and cooperation in zebrafish research
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and resources within the zebrafish community

The IZFS was formed as the successor to the “Society for Zebrafish Research” (SZR), an entity that provided a framework for funding and grant support for the International Conferences on Zebrafish Development and Genetics and other conferences.  Management of zebrafish conferences was largely carried out by SZR on an ad-hoc basis, in recent years often in conjunction with outside organizations.  In response to both the need for stronger zebrafish community-managed conference support and the desire for a more robust and active organization supporting international zebrafish research, leaders in the zebrafish field began efforts to form a new society in 2014.  The IZFS was incorporated in 2015 with an interim set of officers and board members.  The IZFS engaged a professional management support team in 2016 to augment the efforts of the officers, board, and other researcher volunteers, and this team has already begun to assist IZFS leadership and IZFS volunteers in furthering the goals of the society. 

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