Poster Prize Recipients

2022 International Zebrafish Conference Poster Prize Winners

Thank you to Edward Mallinckrodt Jr. Foundation, eLife Sciences and FEBS Letters who sponsored this year's poster prizes!

Names listed in alphabetical order.

Name Affiliation Submission title
Eleanor Duncan University of Toronto Characterization of Deeply Conserved Enhancers Implicated in Congenital Heart Disease
Amelia Glazier Universitätsklinikum Ulm The selective VCP inhibitor CB-5083 impairs striated muscle function in zebrafish and disrupts cardiomyocyte protein homeostasis
Luca Guglielmi The Francis Crick Institute Nodal signaling establishes a competency window for stochastic cell fate switching
Madeleine Hewitt University of Washington Analyzing 3D cell and nuclear shape in zebrafish lateral line neuromasts
Erin Jimenez National Institute of Health A regulatory network of Sox and Six transcription factors initiate a cell fate transformation during hearing regeneration in adult zebrafish
William Jones University of Pennsylvania A New Mechanism of Dorsal Axial Organizer Repression by Integrator Complex Subunit 6
Andrea  Pedroni Karolinska Institutet Activity dependent modulation of adult spinal neurogenesis
Nahal O Shahidan University of Sheffield Adgrg6 variant analyses: from chemical screening in zebrafish to virtual screens and in vitro assays
Nathan Stutt University of Toronto The role of the apelin receptor in cardiac lineage specification in zebrafish
Abhinav Sur NICHD/NIH Shared and tissue-specific molecular states during zebrafish development
Wen Hui Tan National University of Singapore A Collagen10a1 mutation disrupts cell polarity and causes skeletal defects in a medaka (Oryzias latipes) model for Schmid Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia

2021 International Zebrafish Conference

Thank you to Elsevier and FEBS Letters who sponsored this year's poster prizes!

Names listed in alphabetical order.

Name Affiliation Poster Presentation
Srinivas Allanki Max Planck Institute for Heart & Lung Research, Germany Interleukin-11 signaling promotes cellular reprogramming and limits mammalian-like fibrotic scarring during tissue regeneration in zebrafish
Adam Isabella Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Washington, USA Intrinsic positional memory guides target specific axon regeneration in the zebrafish vagus nerve
Robert Lalonde CU Anschutz, Colorado, USA Switching it up: harnessing ubiquitous switch line drivers for optimized Cre/lox mediated lineage tracing in zebrafish
Mengyi Song University of Toronto, Canada GATA4/5/6 family transcription factors are conserved determinants of cardiac versus pharyngeal mesoderm fate
James Thierer Carnegie Institution for Science, Maryland, USA Pla2g12b Facilitates Lipoprotein Secretion by Restricting the Size of Nascent Particles within the ER.
Mathi Thiruppathy University of Southern California, USA Single-cell sequencing reveals the emergence of vertebrate cranial cartilage diversity
Kuo-Chang Tseng University of Southern California, USA  Single-Cell Analysis of Cranial Neural Crest Diversification Across the Zebrafish Lifetime

2018 International Zebrafish Conference

Names listed in alphabetical order

Name Affiliation Laboratory
Emilia Asante University of Missouri Anand Chandrasekhar
Chase Bryan University of Utah Kristen Kwan
Jing Chen Tsinghua University Anming Meng
Isaac Oderberg Brigham and Women's Hospital Wolfram Goessling
Hannah Olson Oregon Health and Science University Alex Nechiporuk
Lindsay Rathbun SUNY Upstate Medical University Heidi Hehnly
Sarah Sarich UW - Milwaukee Ava J. Udvadia
Harsimran Singh Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Jocelyn Lippman-Bell
Benjamin Tajer University of Pennsylvania Mary Mullins
Wenqing Zhou Purdue University Qing Deng

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