IZFS 2020 Award Recipients & 2021 Call for Nominations


George Streisinger Award

Alexander Schier, PhD

University of Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Alexander Schier has made multiple advancements to the zebrafish field that also characterize the founding father of zebrafish research, George Streisinger. Dr. Schier’s lab at the University of Basel has defined the first morphogen-inhibitor pair for Turing-like pattern formation and discovered the microRNA-induced degradation of maternal mRNAs.



Chi-Bin Chein Award

Margot Williams, PhD

Baylor College of Medicine, USA

Dr. Margot William's outstanding research contributions and dedication to the zebrafish field truly characterize the spirit of Chi-Bin Chien. In November 2019, Dr. Williams started her lab at the Baylor College of Medicine, where she seeks to understand how embryonic cell behaviors are spatiotemporally coordinated to shape the emerging body plan.



Christine Beattie Award

Hector Sanchez-Iranzo

EMBL, Germany

Dr. Hector Sanchez-Iranzo’s interdisciplinary postdoctoral work at EMBL in Heidelberg exemplifies research excellence and passion of Christine Beattie.  By combining mathematical modeling, genetic and imaging approaches, Hector delineated a Notch signaling pathway that controls the vacuolated versus sheath cell fate decision during notochord differentiation.  



2021 Nominations

The call for nominations for two of our prestigious annual awards – The George Streisinger and the Chi-Bin Chien Awards – will open in mid-December.

  • The George Streisinger Award recognizes senior investigators in the zebrafish community who have made outstanding and continued contributions to the advancement of the field.
  • The Chi-Bin Chien Award recognizes outstanding graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, or recently appointed faculty members from any country who have made significant contributions to the field of zebrafish research and have exhibited the generosity and openness that characterized and motivated Chi-Bin Chien.

Learn more about IZFS' awards here.

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