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Nancy Hopkins (MIT) awarded the National Academy of Sciences Public Welfare Medal for her leadership and efforts to ensure equal opportunities for women in science. 

David Tobin (Duke Univ.) elected member of the American Academy of Microbiology for 2024. 

Jacqueline Kimmey (UC Santa Cruz) named a 2024 Sloan Foundation Research Fellow 

Robert Gerlai (Univ. Toronto) awarded the John Carlin order Distinguished Professor in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University. 

Victoriano Mulero (Univ. Murcia) awarded the first Elio de Lorca award 2023 for work on rare diseases. 

Ben Hogan (Univ. Melbourne) awarded the Vascular Biology 2024 Judah Folkman award by the North American Vascular Biology Organization. 

Amber Stratman (Washington Univ. St. Louis) awarded the 2024 Springer Junior Investigator Award by the North American Vascular Biology Organization. 

Filippo del Bene (Institut De La Vision, INSERM) awarded the Mémain-Pelletier Prize of the Foundation of the Institut de France. 

Raquel Espin Palazon (Iowa State Univ.) awarded the 2024 Early Achievement in Research Award 

Cody Smith (Notre Dame) receives Collaborative Pairs Project Award from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for work on neurodegeneration in zebrafish. He will be working with collaborator Beth Stevens (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard). 

Tamara Tal (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research GmbH-UFZ) awarded UFZ Supervision Award 2023. 

Shawn Burgess (NHGRI, NIH) appointed as deputy scientific director at NHGRI. 

Catherina Becker (TU Dresden) named Managing Director of the Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering 

Thom Berriman and Ana Borges named President- Elect and Vice President of the Zebrafish Husbandry Association respectively 

Daniel Castranova and Brant M.  Weinstein have another incredible image make the top 20 in Nikon’s 49th Small World Photomicrography competition.  Hsuan Chen (Chen-Hui Chen’s lab Academia Sinica) was awarded an Image of Distinction for in toto imaging of the skin and mucous cells. Dr. Yu-Hsiu Liu (Chen-Hui Chen’s lab Academia Sinica) was awarded an Image of Distinction for palmskin of zebrafish larva. 

Mollie Sweeny (mentor David Tobin, Duke Univ.) awarded the 2024 TAGC IZFS Genetic Trainee award at The Allied Genetics Conference. 

Marvin Cortez (mentor Rebecca Burdine, Princeton Univ.) awarded an Early Career Poster Presentation award at The Allied Genetics Conference. 

Nikhil Mishra (mentor Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, Institute of Science and Technology Austria)  wins best oral presentation at the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Development and Regeneration Conference. 

Judith Habicher (mentor Matthias Carl, Trento Univ.) wins best postdoc oral presentation award at the 2024 Italian Zebrafish Meeting 

Francesca Lorenzini (mentor Maria Mione, Univ. Trento) wins best student oral presentation award the 2024 Italian Zebrafish Meeting 

Rob Lalonde (mentor Pamela Yelick, Tufts Univ.) awarded an Early-Career Anatomist Publication Award by the American Association for Anatomy for his publication in Developmental Dynamics. 

Phoebe Reynolds (mentor Robert Hindges, King’s College London) awarded the King’s Engaged PhD and Early Career Researcher Award,accessible%20and%20foster%20the%20next 

Madeline Tompach (mentor Alicia Timme-Laragy, UMass Amherst) awarded second place for Graduate Student Poster Presentations at the Northeast Chapter of the Society of Toxicology Meeting. 

Deborah Cook (mentor Janelle Hare, Morehead State Univ.) and Emma Brock (mentor Ann Morris, Univ. Kentucky) won poster presentation awards at the 2023 Southeast Regional Institutional Development (IDEA) conference. 

Chloe Tubman (mentor Paul Riley, Oxford Univ) presented her work to Parliament as part of the STEM for Britian competition. 

Veronica Bock (mentor Tracie Ferreira, UMass Dartmouth) awarded OUR Research award. 

Wendy E Islas and Melissa Spigelman (mentor Carlos Molina, Montclair State Univ.) awarded the 2023 Casabona Future Scientists Award. 

Rehman Basharat (mentor Howard Sirotkin, Stony Brook Univ.) awarded URECA Researcher of the Month for January 2024. 

Maklas Al Marshoudi (mentor Michael J. Barry, Sultan Qaboos Univ) won in the  Young Researcher’s Environmental and Biological Resources category of 10th National Research Awards organized by Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation of Oman. 


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