IZFS New Website Images: Accepting Zebrafish Photos!

We are pleased to announce that IZFS will be featuring zebrafish photos on the IZFS website!

We will be highlighting images, both photographs and line illustrations, from members' labs.

The website images will be updated each month and you can submit your fantastic images to be featured on the IZFS website here

We look forward to promoting the beautiful science done by members of the IZFS.

Inaugural Website Zebrafish Images

A graphic look at zebrafish
Drawing for the 1996 Cold Spring Harbor Zebrafish Genetics and Development Meeting T-shirt. Image Courtesy of Kate Whitlock

The Olfactory-Immune Interface in Zebrafish Description: Whole mount lyve1b:egfp;omp:rfp brain labelled with DAPI showing olfactory epithelia and olfactory bulbs. From Palominos et al., 2022. Image Courtesy of Kate Whitlock and M. Fernanda Palominos

Dorsal view of a three-week-old transgenic zebrafish showing lymphatic vessels in orange (Tg(mrc1a:egfp)y251) and bones and scales in blue (Tg(Ola.Sp7:mCherry-Eco.NfsB)pd46).  This image won the 2021 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition and will be featured on a US postage stamp being released in the summer of 2023. Image courtesy of Daniel Castranova and Bakary Samasa, Weinstein Lab, NICHD, NIH.

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