Environmental Sustainability Spotlight

A sustainable environment guarantees that there will be natural resources for the future and is one of the biggest challenges for us all.

The Environmental sustainability Committee (ESC), as a part of IZFS, is a collective voice from the scientific community promoting sustainable practices in zebrafish science and society. The ESC provides strategic recommendations for the IZFS leadership to initiate the continuity of scientific research and activities, keeping in mind the environmental sustainability of our activity for the planet. The aims of ESC are to raise and spread awareness about environmental issues linked to our activities (research and interactions) by highlighting the impact of research and conferences on environment, and to encourage efforts that would minimize the damage to ecosystems.

Our community is making various efforts to contribute to environmental sustainability. First of all, we plan to use social media to highlight research that focuses on zebrafish model to study biodiversity, ecology and environmental monitoring. Secondly, we are arranging for donations towards organizations which focus on reducing our carbon footprint and improving environment in aquatic habitats. At the same time, we will communicate protocols and initiatives to integrate environment-friendly practices in our own lab operations and research activities by rethinking our travel practices and usage of consumables and energy. More actions are on the way.

In this new section of News Splash, we will be highlighting the impact of zebrafish research in environmental science and conservation and communicate the ESC committee’s progress in creating new initiatives. We would invite members of IZFS to share any such research with us to be featured in this section. We are also keen to hear about efforts being made by members of our community to encourage eco-friendly laboratory practices or to promote public education about environmental sustainability. Please get in touch with us at info@izfs.org. Let’s work together towards a greener community for all!

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