Environmental Sustainability Committee – Call for new members 

Dear Zebrafish Community, 

With the ongoing climate crisis, we as scientists must act as role models and reduce our ecological footprint. Our committee meets regularly to help reduce the use of plastics, water and energy in our zebrafish labs. We support organizing committees to find ecological solutions for our conferences and we engage in science outreach to raise awareness of sustainable options for scientists. We are also planning to expand on our endeavors to create a sustainable zebrafish community.  

The Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) is looking to recruit 2 to 3 new members! Please send your application and a brief motivation (150 words) to Maximilian.Breuer.1@uni-potsdam.de or vedderv@wustl.edu  

The ESC meets several times a year and we will discuss ongoing projects. IZFS members of all levels are encouraged to apply. As members of the IZFS we strongly uphold a diverse and inclusive environment for our committee. 


Viviana Vedder and Maximilian Breuer 

on behalf of the Environmental Sustainability Committee of the International Zebrafish Society 

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