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  • Dr. Nancy Hopkins awarded the 2021 STAT Biomedical Innovation Award. This award honors biology and medicine researchers whose work helped define their field.  Hopkins was honored both for her work in zebrafish and her advocacy for gender equity in science.
  • Drs. Alexander F. Schier (University of Basel) and Hazel Sive (Northeastern University) elected 2021 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • Dr. Caitlin Davis (Yale University) awarded the 2021 Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to study the structure and function of enzyme filaments in regulating cell metabolism.
  • Dr. Andrés Sanz-Morejón (Universität Bern) awarded the Drs. Lutz & Celia Zwillenberg Prize for his PhD thesis conducted in Nadia Mercader’s group.
  • Dr. Victoria Deneke (Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna) awarded the 2022 Society for Developmental Biology Trainee Science Communication Award for her active role in mentoring students and promoting inclusivity in science.
  • Dr. Håkon Høgset  (Imperial College London) received the Gold Paper Award 2021 from WITec for his paper on In vivo biomolecular imaging of zebrafish embryos using confocal Raman spectroscopy.
  • Dr. Rosa Uribe (Rice University) named Editor-in-Chief of the journal Differentiation.
  • Dr. Rita Fior (Champalimaud Foundation) elected President of the Portuguese Society for Developmental Biology.
  • Dr. Daniel Wagner (University California San Francisco) named a Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub Investigator.
  • Dr. Tatjana Sauka-Spengler to join the Stowers Institute as an Investigator
  • Dr. Ozren Bogdanovic to join the Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo.
  • Dr. Emre Yaksi Appointed Adjunct Professor at Koç University
  • Dr. Oscar Ruiz will join Houston Baptist University as an Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Teresa Rubio-Tomás (University of Crete) is guest editor of a JoVE Methods collection accepting abstracts now

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