New IZFS Website Images - June- August 2024

Congratulations to Remy Manuel, Name and Name - there images have been selected to be highlighted on the IZFS website June-August, 2024! Learn more about the images below:

Dmrt3-interneurons in the Zebrafish Spinal Cord

Submitted by Remy Manuel

Courtesy of Silvia Vicenzi & Henrik Boije

Lab: Zebrafish Neural Networks

Lightsheet image of dmrt3 interneurons in the spinal cord of a Tg(dmrt3:GAL4,UAS:GFP) larvae (3dpf). The dmrt3 interneurons coordinate gaits and speed transitions in horses, mice and zebrafish, demonstrating a pivotal and conserved role within the locomotor network. Mutations in the dmrt3 gene gives rise to distorted locomotor output, including aberrant acceleration in zebrafish. Unpublished image.

Microglia in the Female Zebrafish Brain

Submitted by Paloma Bravo

Lab: Marlow Lab

MAX projection of an immunostained cleared whole mount adult zebrafish brain labelling microglia (4c4, pink), and nuclei (Sytox, yellow). Imaged with light sheet microscope, 12X lense

Vascularization of Developing Zebrafish Craniofacial Structures

Submitted by Maria Blumenkrantz

Lab: Smeeton Lab

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