Congratulations to the 2024 SCZI Poster Prize Winners!

2024 Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators Poster Prize Winners

Thank you to Biology Open, Disease Models and Mechanisms, FEBS Letters and Washington University of St. Louis who sponsored this year's poster prizes!

Presenter Poster Title
Megan P. Leask The regulatory landscape of metabolism in Polynesian populations 
Jessica C. Nelson, PhD The transcription factors prdm16 and prdm3 antagonistically regulate acoustic startle response thresholds
Ruben Marin-Juez Regulation of cardiac regeneration by a coronary-secreted matricellular protein 
Stefan C. Materna, PhD Endoderm migration and patterning are concurrent processes in zebrafish
Hillary Faye McGraw The histone modification reader, Yeats2, is required for collective cell migration during lateral line development
Dionna M. Kasper Deciphering the function of the N-glycan code during the endothelial-to-hematopoietic transition
Alessandro Mongera The zebrafish presomitic mesoderm as a platform to study mechanobiology
Ryan MacDonald Multiplex cell labelling techniques to study retinal development 

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