IZFS is committed to environmental sustainability and to reducing the carbon footprint of our conferences. We are committed to the following efforts during the 10th SCZI:

Travel Stipend for Shuttle Bus from San Jose & San Francisco Airports

If you are flying to attend the 10th SCZI, consider taking a shuttle from the San Jose and San Francisco Airport as opposed to renting a car or taxi. Made possible through a sustainability grant from the Company of Biologists, we are pleased to offer a $50 stipend to round trip shuttle travelers.  

There are limited funds available and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. To apply for the reimbursement, please complete this form for reimbursement. All reimbursements will take place following the conference. Limited funds available. Stipends will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Travel Stipend Form

IZFS thanks the Company of Biologists in supporting this sustainability effort for the SCZI.


Low Waste Meeting


To reduce single use plastics, the 10th SCZI will not have any plastic water bottles. IZFS is also avoiding single serving snacks to reduce waste.

The 10th SCZI will also be using a mobile app exclusively instead of creating printed program books or creating bag inserts.


All attendees will be offered a reusable water bottle. Water bottle refill stations will be available on the conference grounds.


Vegetarian Meeting

During the conference, vegetarian food will be served during all breaks. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Asilomar Conference Grounds is working closely with IZFS to make the majority of the food options vegetarian. We strongly encourage you to choose vegetarian options at the dining hall.


Asilomar Environmental Sustainability

Learn more about Asilomar’s environmental sustainability efforts here.


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