Senior Lecturer to Full Professor in Living Systems: Living Systems Institute at Exeter University, UK


Living Systems Institute at Exeter University

Date Posted: 03/05/2024
City: Exeter
Country: United Kingdom
Primary Category: Living Systems
Type of Position: Senior Lecturer to Full Professor


Description and Details:

3 permanent group leader positions.

Join a unique scientific community focussed on the fundamental rules of life. In the Living Systems Institute we combine theory and technology from mathematical and physical sciences with experimental studies in biology and biomedicine. Our goal is to decode the complexity of living systems across scales, from sub-molecular to organismal, and from microbe to human.


Are you an interdisciplinary scientist seeking a well-resourced, dynamic, and collaborative environment that will enable your next breakthrough? If so, we would like to hear from you. You should have a biological or biomedical research focus, but we particularly welcome applications from individuals with expertise in mathematics, physics, engineering, or computational science. We are looking for imaginative research that will enhance the scope and capabilities of LSI and strengthen our cross-cutting themes in Mathematics of Life, Physics of Life, and Engineering Life.

Fields of interest include, though are not limited to: stem cells and development; chromatin dynamics; cell state transitions; biomechanics & bioengineering; microbial interactions; molecular dynamics; synthetic biology & protein design Above all, we seek pioneering researchers who, like us, are motivated by scientific discovery and embrace an ethos of excellence, integrity, and collaboration

How to Apply

All posts are based in the purpose-designed Living Systems Institute building with superb resources and facilities. Whilst all applicants will be judged on merit alone, we particularly welcome applications from groups currently under-represented within our working community.

For more information, please look here:

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