About Us 

The International Zebrafish Society (IZFS) represents and promotes zebrafish scientific research worldwide, and facilitate the exchange of information and resources within the international zebrafish community, primarily by organizing conferences for the community. 

The primary activity of the IZFS is to organize two major conferences on behalf of the zebrafish scientific research community – the “International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics” and the “Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators.”  These two meetings are held biennially in alternate years.  


In addition to organizing the annual conferences, IZFS forms committees to promote the zebrafish field and run the society.  These committees will include: Regional Committees, Meetings Committee, Awards Committee, Website Committee, Newsletter Committee, Zebrafish Resource Committee, Education and Public Outreach Committee, Corporate Outreach/Fundraising Committee, Membership Committee.  The committees will be comprised of volunteer members of IZFS, all of whom have an interest in zebrafish research.



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