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Karina Yaniv 2018 Election Statement
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Professor, Department of Biological Regulation
Weizmann Institute of Science



Since the beginning of my independent career I have been actively involved in promoting and serving the zebrafish, vascular and developmental biology communities. I invest considerable efforts in strengthening our ever-growing local zebrafish community through the organization of regional meetings, active participation in various national and international committees and educational activities. I organized the 3rd and 4th Israeli Meetings on Zebrafish as a Model for Biomedical Research (2011 and 2015 respectively), established the Israeli forum for vascular biology - a nationwide forum bringing together Israeli investigators interested in vascular biology that meets 3-4 times a year at the Weizmann institute. I served three times as organizer of the Israel Live Imaging Forum Meeting and organized several international meetings at the Weizmann Institute, including a joint symposium with delegations from the IBDM and INMED institutes (University of Marseille) in 2018, the International New Frontiers in Cardiac and Vascular Biology Meeting in 2017, and others. I have attended all of the strategic conferences for zebrafish investigators in the US and Europe, served as part of the steering committee in the 2nd European Zebrafish PI Meeting held in Karlsruhe, Germany, and co-organized the 3rd European Zebrafish PI Meeting, in Ein Gedi, Israel in 2013. Since 2015, I serve as coordinator of the PhD International Program at the Weizmann Institute, through which I established strong collaborative bonds between our school and renowned international academic centers including the DKFZ Cancer Center in Heidelberg, University of Manchester, Universidad Tecnologica de Monterrey, Mexico, among others. Since 2017, I serve as a scientist delegate at the National Steering Committee for Animal Experiments, under the Israel Ministry of Health. My goal there is not only to promote the use of zebrafish as a model for biomedical research, but also to actively influence the regulation of experimental practices involved in zebrafish research.


Candidate Statement:

I have been fortunate to be part of the zebrafish community for almost 15 years, since I joined Brant Weinstein’s lab as postdoc. Since then, I have established strong relationships with many members of the community, which have with time resulted not only in fruitful scientific collaborations, but more importantly in true long-lasting friendships. I take special pride in being part of a community that encourages open work and interactions. Today, when science moves fast towards making our findings immediately available to all, we can definitely say that as a community “we’ve been there before”. The zebrafish community has also been extremely supportive to me as a female scientist, and I truly cherish the values of equality it promotes, which unfortunately, cannot be taken for granted these days. Finally, as a young scientist I greatly benefited from the generosity and the support I received from the older generations. I believe that now is the right time for me to start giving back by helping the new generations of zebrafish scientists globally.  As a true believer in diversity as the main driving force behind success, I trust that IZFS is the right place to concentrate our efforts in promoting and supporting the ever-growing international zebrafish community, by fully integrating young scientists, women scientists, and small communities around the world. Sitting outside of the USA and Europe, I can personally account for the difficulties encountered by many members of this community when it comes to practical issues such as sharing reagents, participating in meetings, and more. It is important that as a community we look after the interests of all members and support each other by making research tools and stock centers truly available to all. If elected I will be happy to bring fresh and enthusiastic energies to represent the European zebrafish community within the IZFS Board.

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