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Tatjana Piotrowski 2018 Election Statement
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Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


I have been a member of the zebrafish community since I started my Ph.D studies in Dr. Christiane Nuesslein-Volhard’s lab in 1994. I have been serving the community in several ways: I have been co-directing the weeklong zebrafish module in the MBL, Woods Hole Embryology course for the past six years and have thereby motivated a number of graduated students and postdoctoral fellows to pursue studies using zebrafish as a model. For seven years I was the organizer of the Zebrafish Interest Group seminar series at the University of Utah which had 50 participants. I co-organized one of the International Zebrafish Development and Genetics Conferences and I served on the Planning Committee for the Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators in Asilomar, USA. In addition, I served on the Planning Committee for one of the Midwest Zebrafish Conferences in St. Louis, USA. I am currently a member of the Chi-Bin Chien and George Streisinger Award committees of the IZFS. In addition, I have served on several NIH and NSF grant review panels, as well as reviewed grants for international funding agencies in Great Britain, France, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. I would very much enjoy to continue and expand my service to the zebrafish community as part of the IZFS.


Candidate Statement:

As mentioned above, I have been a member of the zebrafish community since my graduate studies in Dr. Christiane Nuesslein-Volhard’s laboratory. I attribute a significant portion of my scientific success to the openness, support and interactiveness of the members of the international zebrafish community. The IZFS plays an essential role in facilitating interactions between zebrafish researchers from all over the world and uniting them, thus enabling them to speak with one voice to promote zebrafish research. In addition, the IZFS provides valuable opportunities for career development through awards, poster and travel awards. Importantly, the International and European meetings provide platforms for graduate students, postdocs and young faculty to showcase their work and to network with colleagues from all over the world. If elected as a Board member, I would very much enjoy to give back to the community and support existing career development programs, develop additional career promoting mechanisms and promote zebrafish research in general.

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