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Florence Louise Marlow 2018 Election Statement
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Associate Professor in the Department of Cell, Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai



I have been actively engaged in the zebrafish scientific community for nearly two decades by participating in many regional and international zebrafish meetings, including conferences and principle investigator meetings held in the states and Europe, and I look forward to interacting with our colleagues during the future conferences that will be hosted by our international community members in Asia. At these forums, I have served as session chair, poster judge and have co-organized meeting workshops. I have co-organized the Mid-Atlantic Regional Zebrafish Meeting, and am currently serving on the organizing committee for the 8th Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators.

Beyond our community, I am an active member of the Society of Developmental Biology. I have co-organized the Northeast Regional SDB Meeting, and have served as a session chair and poster and talk judge at SDB conferences. I regularly review grants for funding agencies in the US and internationally. I regularly review manuscripts for many of the journals where researchers in our field publish their work. At my home institution and beyond, I have directed two graduate courses, teach in numerous others, am co-director of our graduate training area, and serve on curriculum committees, ethics committees, faculty search and graduate admissions committees, and numerous committees for graduate students and fellows. I served on the Institutional Animal Care and Use committee at Einstein Medical School for four years. I am committed to and participate in scientific outreach programs directed toward undergraduates, high school students, and underrepresented communities in science. I have been scientific director of zebrafish core facilities, and have extensive experience managing fish colonies and facilities, coordinating collaborative projects, sharing unpublished reagents, and work to help make our system accessible to investigators new to zebrafish, including raising their awareness of and facilitating use of valuable community resources including ZIRC and ZFIN.


Candidate Statement:

As a member of the zebrafish community for more than two decades, I have witnessed and contributed to the growth of our community as the early wave of young investigators spread from Eugene, Tübingen, and Boston to start their own labs and introduce the zebrafish model to budding young scientists and research communities throughout the world. It has been thrilling to see how our community has grown in numbers, scientific breadth and depth from the original very elegant embryological studies to today’s sophisticated and extremely powerful system. Zebrafish are now deployed to study the cellular, molecular, and genetic basis of nearly every aspect of vertebrate biology from fundamental questions of development to powerful analyses of disease etiology to benefit human knowledge, health and well-being.

As a scientist who grew up in this community, I am honored to have been nominated as a candidate to serve on the IZFS board. If elected, I will whole-heartedly apply my full energy, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, and voice toward advocating for our vibrant international community. In this capacity, I will promote zebrafish research, from basic to translational, and will work to support existing or establish additional outreach and other educational programs and forums. I will advocate for support from funding agencies and philanthropic sources to cultivate platforms and mechanisms to ease the exchange of information and resources among our community. I hope to collaborate with board members and the broader community to bring new ideas forward that represent the interests and goals of our international community. I will work to increase interactions between the zebrafish community and other scientific communities that I engage with, including developmental, cell, RNA, and neurobiologists. Finally, I am committed to preserving and further strengthening the highly interactive, collegial and collaborative spirit that our zebrafish community has embodied throughout my entire career.

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