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Koichi Kawakami 2018 Election Statement
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Professor, Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology
National Institute of Genetics (Japan)


(1) Organizers

            8th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics (2008)

            CSHA conference "Genetics, Genomics and Phenomics of Fish” (2014)

            7th Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators (2017)

(2) International training course

            NIG course for zebrafish imaging and transgenesis, Japan (2015)

(3) International collaboration, resources

            2012~ accept visitors from more than 60 labs world-wide for shelf-screen

            Providing the transposon system to more than 1500 labs

            Providing more than 2000 transgenic fish (in total) to labs world-wide

(4) International Zebrafish Society

            Board member (2014-2018)


Candidate Statement:

I have been working on zebrafish for the last 24 years and developed useful transposon system and transgenic fish resources. These are used by many collaborators and colleagues and facilitate the zebrafish research. Indeed, I think the zebrafish researchers have been open-minded and helpful to one another. Such friendly and collaborative atmospheres are the heart of the zebrafish field and I would be happy if I can contribute to maintain and expand such good environments. Also, after 2019 the system for rotating both international general meetings and PI meetings will be changed drastically. As my responsibility to make this happen, I would like to involve the first couple of meetings to make the best efforts that leads to the success of these meetings, especially which will be held in Asia. Since the numbers of people and countries in the zebrafish field are increasing, IZFS should play an important role to setup environments for all of those people to freely enjoy science.

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