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2024 Official Run-off Ballot Candidates for the third Europe & West Asia Representative

Europe & West Asia (select one)

Pascale Bomont, PhD
ERC group leader, INSERM Research Director
NeuroMyoGène institute (INMG-PGNM)
Lyon, France

Candidate Statement: 
I believe that diversity and complementarity of backgrounds, approaches and individuals are key elements to fuel scientific discovery and enjoy the path leading to it. Starting with a PhD in Human Genetics, I evolved in the fields of Cell Biology and Neurosciences (Europe and USA) to better study the nervous system. Mixing my expertise and seeking to intersect disciplines, I am currently running an ERC program on zebrafish, combining neurobiology and mathematics. With a 10 year-long experience in zebrafish biology, I pursue the goal to feed fundamental science with the study of human diseases, and vice-versa.

Guided by esteemed zebrafish lovers, I now wish to serve the community and am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the IZFS European and West-Asia representative.

Profoundly interested in promoting science and young researchers, I (have been) am member/president of multiple commissions at the national/European level (Marie-Curie, ERC, Hceres, Inserm…) for the evaluation of scientific projects abroad and the recruitment of permanent researchers in France. I have also experience in networking activities and (co)organized 5 meetings at national/European level, served as Working Group Leader of European COST actions and chaired in 2024 a session at the 10th Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators (SCZI). Also, I am teaching at 4 master programs and was elected at 3 national/international societies. To promote science, I animated the Scientific Communication department in the institutes since my PhD, organized several European actions for the public, and regularly propose events with patients and the public.

I wish my personal input for the zebrafish community to be colorful, inclusive and cooperative. In particular, I am eager to help boosting
  i) interactions between researchers of different backgrounds (fundamental, geneticists/clinicians…) and disciplines (mathematics, biophysics…)
  ii) the visibility of young researchers and
  iii) the promotion of the zebrafish research to the public.

Yaniv M. Elkouby, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Developmental Biology and Cancer Research
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel

Candidate Statement:
I am honored to be nominated as a Europe and West Asia representative in the IZFS board. With over two decades of research in developmental biology, I have been focused on zebrafish in the past twelve years. My lab studies mechanisms of germ cell and gonad development in the post-embryonic fish. We employ a multidisciplinary approach to the gonad, and pioneered the view of egg production by quantitative and live microscopy in whole ovaries.

As an enthusiastic advocate for zebrafish, I organized the 6th Israeli zebrafish meeting and showcased research by this growing community in a dedicated book-chapter I edited. Another book chapter I edited highlighted zebrafish germ cell research, bringing together experts from our community. I contributed as part of the organizing committee to the SCZI 2024, and currently to the IZFC 2024 meetings. As an elected board member of the Israeli SDB, and as an EMBO YIP awardee-member, I continuously interact and have strong connections with multiple communities from different fields, providing me with experience and broad perspectives on communal challenges and solutions. My collaborations with zebrafish researchers from across Europe and Asia equip me with a first-hand understanding of zebrafish research, administration, and funding schemes in those regions. I was involved in collaborative efforts, including developing a new transformative method to share lines internationally, maximizing our synergistic endeavors.

If elected, I will focus on three major goals: 1) strengthen our global connections by implementing logistical solutions (e.g., make the new line shipping method a common SOP), and conceptual strategies (via themed/cross-disciplinary workshops), 2) promote outreach programs to under-resourced communities, following existing exemplary models, 3) advocate for the importance of foundational investigation in zebrafish for biomedical advancements (to the public, journals, funding agencies).

I am looking forward to contribute to our community as part of the IZFS board.

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