2023 Board of Directors Election

Voting for the 2023 Board of Directors Election Open Until May 25!

The 2023 Board of Directors Election closed May 25, 2023. This year, IZFS members voted to selection the society's next President-Elect, Treasurer and five Regional Directors (Europe & West Asia, East Asia and two United States & Canada Representatives).


2023 IZFS Board of Directors Election Candidates

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President-Elect (one selected)

  • Koichi Kawakami, PhD
  • Feng Liu, PhD

Treasurer (one selected)

  • Cecilia Moens, PhD
  • Han Wang, PhD

Europe & West Asia Regional Representative (one selected)

  • Dimitris Beis, PhD
  • Filippo Del Bene, PhD

 East Asia Regional Representative (one selected)

  • Hiroyuki Takeda, PhD
  • Chengtian Zhao, PhD

US and Canada Regional Representative (Two selected)

  • Florence Marlow, PhD
  • Kelly Monk, PhD
  • Ian Scott, PhD
  • Gaurav Varshney, PhD

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The International Zebrafish Society is a member-driven organization of over 900 researchers with rich and diverse backgrounds from around the world. IZFS is committed to ensuring that the Board of Directors reflects and represents the diversity of the IZFS membership, including but not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, and geographic location. Please consider nominating IZFS members who are traditionally underrepresented in leadership as we continue to foster a welcoming and collaborative environment for all members of the IZFS community.

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