2021 Board of Directors Election

Vote Now in the 2021 Board of Directors Election

The 2021 Board of Directors Election is open until Thursday, May 27, at 11:59pm EDT! This year, IZFS members will vote to select the society’s next President-Elect, Secretary, and five Regional Directors. Elected Board members will begin their 3-year term starting on July 1, 2021. Every vote counts! To vote now, please click the button below. 

2021 IZFS Board of Directors Election Candidates

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President-Elect (one selected)

  • Hitoshi Okamoto, PhD
  • Kathleen Whitlock, PhD

Secretary (one selected)

  • Robert N. Kelsh, PhD
  • Kristen Kwan, PhD

Asia/Pacific Regional Representative (one selected)

  • Kirsten C. Sadler Edepli, PhD
  • Yonghua Sun, PhD

Europe/Mediterranean Regional Representative (two selected)

  • Filippo Del Bene, PhD
  • Stephan Neuhauss, PhD
  • Bettina Schmid, PhD
  • Tanya T. Whitfield, PhD

US/Canada Regional Representative (two selected)

  • Marie-Andree Akimenko, PhD
  • Ashley Bruce, PhD
  • Christian Mosimann, PhD
  • Ian C. Scott, PhD

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