Technician: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Organization: Drerup Lab
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Date Posted: 07/09/2021
City: Madison
State: Wisconsin
Primary Category: Technician
Type of Position: Research Technician

Description & Details:

The Drerup lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is looking for a technician to participate in ongoing research and help to manage the lab. This position will be 50% research time and 50% managerial. Research in the Drerup lab is focused on the cell biology of neurons. The lab uses zebrafish and cultured human cells to investigate the cellular, molecular, and genetic regulation of neural circuit structure and function. We are particularly interested in intracellular transport of proteins and organelles and how disruption of this process impacts neurons. More information can be found on our lab website (
For this position, we are looking for a motivated and driven person to collaborate with lab members on existing research projects. The precise nature of the work will be dependent upon the project but will likely include DNA/RNA work, protein biochemistry, cell culture, zebrafish genetic manipulation, and microscopy. This position will also include managerial responsibilities related to lab and zebrafish facility maintenance. Specifically, this person will be responsible for coordinating maintenance of our zebrafish system, genotyping and maintaining zebrafish stocks, maintaining reagent inventories, and preparing/ordering supplies for the lab. For more information, please email Katie Drerup (


A Bachelor’s in Neuroscience, Cell Biology, Genetics, or Biochemistry is required. Advanced degree applicants are also encouraged to apply. A minimum of one year lab experience is also required. Proficiency in zebrafish husbandry and embryo manipulation, molecular biology (genotyping/PCR), cell culture, or microscopy is preferred.    

To Apply:

 Send a cover letter, resume/CV, and at least 2 letters of recommendation to Katie Drerup (


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