Senior Research Associate: Nechiporuk Lab

Organization: The Nechiporuk Lab
Oregon Health & Science University
Date Posted: 10/04/2021
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Primary Category: Research
Type of Position: Senior Research Associate

Description & Details:

The lab of Dr. Alex Nechiporuk uses zebrafish as a model system to study mechanisms of the peripheral sensory system development and function.

The Senior Research Associate will use variety of modern approaches, including transgenesis, CRISPR-based genome editing, single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq), and live imaging, to dissect intracellular processes that drive collective cell migration during development and disease. Besides hands on research, the hired individual is expected to write manuscripts and contribute to composing grant proposal.

This position requires occasional work on weekends (1 or 2 times per month) and willingness to travel to meetings to present research.

Salary Range Starts at $53,300.52 - $66,567.54 per year, commensurate with qualification, experience and equity. FTE 1.00


Required Qualifications

  • Doctorate Degree in relevant field
  • Published record of accomplishment and strong written and oral communication skills
  • Knowledge of cloning, molecular biology of DNA/RNA/protein, microscopy, CRISPR, complex genetics

Preferred Qualifications

  • At least 2 years of post-doctoral experience
  • Experience in model organism biology and bioinformatics

To Apply:

Apply here

Contact Alex Nechiporuk at for more information 


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