Research Technician: Columbia University

Organization: Columbia University
Date Posted: 10/14/2021
City: New York
State: New York
Primary Category: Research
Type of Position: Technician B

Description & Details:

We are seeking a joint full-time research technician (Technician B) to support research focused on cellular, molecular, and pathological features of Alzheimer’s disease in fish models. This position is supported by a grant awarded to the Drs. Çağhan Kızıl and Brandon Pearson to use cutting edge experiments using single cell RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) alongside cellular, molecular, and behavioral responses to amyloid beta pathology in zebrafish and African turquoise killifish. The ideal candidate will have experience in experimental methods such as transcriptomics, cell biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, and aging in laboratory animals or some combination thereof. The research will take place within the excellent scientific environment of Columbia University Irving Medical Center in the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City. Interest in working for two years is an asset but we will consider applicants looking for a one-year position if their research experiences are well suited to the position.
The technician will be responsible for fish colony maintenance, tissue collection, tissue sectioning, fluorescence immunohistochemistry, preparation of samples for single cell RNA-seq, and other duties as assigned.


A Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, neuroscience, or related science or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience is required. 
Experience in laboratory fish rearing, handling (e.g., zebrafish or medaka), immunofluorescence, histological methods and/or Alzheimer’s disease models and mechanisms is preferred. Willingness to work for two years is ideal.

To Apply:

If you are interested, please apply here


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