Research Specialist - Zebrafish Transgenics - HHMI


Janelia Research Campus
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Date Posted: 2/6/2023
City: Ashburn
State: Virginia
Primary Category: Research
Type of Position: Research Specialist

Description & Details:

The Research Specialist I – Zebrafish Transgenics will guide the efforts to design and produce constructs and corresponding reagents to create new genetically modified lines of zebrafish and Danionella.  This role will focus on the upstream portions of the pipeline, including having responsibility for initiating and coordinating the entire pipeline, working closely with the Aquatics team that performs the hands-on work with the fish.  This role will bridge shared resources and research labs to streamline development of transgenic fish species. The ideal candidate will possess critical thinking, expertise in zebrafish genetics, and hands-on skills with molecular biology techniques to create constructs and corresponding reagents needed for historical and modern genome engineering methods in zebrafish.

What You'll Do

  • Responsible for the molecular biology pipeline to create new genetically modified strains of zebrafish, Danionella, and other aquatic organisms used in research at Janelia.

  • Serves as the project manager for creation of genetically modified zebrafish lines, working closely with the Aquatics team.

  • Serves as the expert on genome engineering in aquatic organisms, including Tol2, CRISPR-Cas9, and other similar techniques, recommending the appropriate system to use for the researcher’s ideal study.

  • Independently organizes the workload for zebrafish transgenic construct design, production, and delivery to the Aquatics team.

  • Responsible for the design of constructs, guide RNA, and other genomic sequences needed for the creation and identification of transgenic zebrafish lines.

  • Uses databases and software to validate the design of the construct, guide RNA, and genotyping primers.

  • Performs molecular biology techniques, including but not limited to cloning, plasmid preps, PCR, and DNA extraction.

  • Reviews literature and stays up to date on groundbreaking techniques for genome engineering in aquatic organisms.

  • Uses established computer database to keep track of transgenic fish colonies and the genetic modifications in those lines.

  • Works closely with labs and other shared resources on the development of materials used for gene modifications.


  • Master’s degree and two years of related experience or Bachelor’s degree and six years of related experience.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in the creation of genetically modified aquatic organisms.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of modern genome engineering (e.g., CRISPR-Cas9) to create genetically modified zebrafish.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in molecular biology techniques to support the design of genome engineering constructs and related reagents.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of zebrafish hands-on work to create genetically modified lines.

  • In-depth knowledge and the ability to effectively communicate on modern genome engineering techniques in aquatic organisms and the procedures for the care and use of zebrafish in research.

To Apply:

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