Postdoctoral Positions: Sagasti Lab

Organization: Sagasti Lab
University of California, Los Angeles 
Date Posted: 06/23/21
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Primary Category: Research
Type of Position: Researcher

Description & Details:

The Sagasti lab at UCLA seeks to recruit multiple post-doctoral researchers. Our lab uses live imaging and molecular approaches to explore two broad areas, described below.

Sensory neuron-epidermal cell interactions

We study how the axon endings of touch-sensing neurons establish their territories in the developing epidermis, and how sensory axons in turn affect the epithelium. Post-doc projects in this area include studying 1) how sensory axons migrate through epithelia, 2) how epithelial cells ensheath axons, and 3) how sensory axon-epithelial cell interactions influence epithelial properties and touch sensation.

Epithelial cell morphogenesis

To understand how the cytoskeleton shapes cell membranes, we study the morphogenesis of beautiful, maze-like cellular structures on zebrafish skin cells called microridges. Potential projects include studying 1) how cortical contractility is regulated to create biomechanical conditions conducive to microridge morphogenesis, 2) how keratin filaments and plakin cytolinkers contribute to microridge morphogenesis, and 3) identifying new proteins involved in microridge morphogenesis using genetic and biochemical approaches.


Experience with imaging, image analysis, basic quantitative and computational methods, model organism genetics, and/or molecular subcloning are advantageous. Most importantly, the ideal candidate will have a passion for cell biology and be an eager contributor to our lab’s social and intellectual community.  Our lab has a strong record of training post-docs who successfully attained independent academic positions. You can learn more about us here:

To Apply:

If interested please contact Alvaro Sagasti (


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