Postdoctoral and Research Assistant Positions: Neural Circuits and Synapses


Miller Lab
University of Oregon

Date Posted: 11/05/2020
City: Eugene
Country: Oregon
Primary Category: Research 
Type of Position: Postdoctoral & Research Assistant

Description & Details:

Interested in neural circuits and synapses? We received a Brain Initiative grant to examine electrical synapses in zebrafish and we are seeking a postdoctoral fellow and a research assistant. See the website for more info on the group (

Electrical synapses are the lesser known cousins of chemical synapses, and the coolest part about them is that we know very little about the where, when, and how of their formation – yet we know they are broadly distributed in all brains, both during development and in adulthood. This provides a significant gap as electrical and chemical synapses work in tandem to create neural circuit function and behavior. The work will focus on the generation and examination of transgenic zebrafish to map electrical synapses in the complex vertebrate brain housed in zebrafish. This position is for the Miller lab in Eugene, Oregon, but the grant is collaborative between my group, the Pereda lab in NYC, and the O’Brien group in Texas. Come join a great group of scientists, a great community, and lead the charge on figuring out a new frontier for the vertebrate nervous system!

Qualifications: Successful candidates will have a degree of an appropriate level for the position of application (Ph.D. = PD and B.S. = RA). A published record of accomplishment appropriate to level, and good written and oral communication skills.

Preferred: Experience in model organism biology (zebrafish a plus but not required), cloning, molecular biology of DNA/RNA/protein, microscopy, CRISPR, embryo injections, complex genetics, bioinformatics. Level of experience in these techniques varies depending on level of applicant (RA/PD).

Required: Enthusiasm, excitement to be part of a large multi-lab project, ability to coordinate across labs (dispersed across the U.S.), rigor, organization, excellence and drive.

To Apply: Interested candidates should send a curriculum vitae, bibliography, cover letter with a brief description of research experience and interests, and the names of 3 references (with phone numbers) via e-mail to

Eugene, Oregon is an ideal place to work and live, and is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. In addition to a mild climate with access to the ocean and mountains, Eugene has affordable housing, bike-friendly streets, and a strong community feel. The University of Oregon is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.