Lab Manager: University of Chicago, James Franck Institute


University of Chicago, James Franck Institute
Elizabeth Jerison Lab

Date Posted: 11/28/2022
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Primary Category: Research
Type of Position: Lab Manager

Description & Details:

The laboratory of Elizabeth Jerison at the University of Chicago is seeking a Lab Manager/Research Technician to join our team. We are a biological physics lab in the physics department and James Franck Institute, investigating the dynamics of immune and inflammatory responses using new optical imaging and spatial transcriptomic techniques together with computational and theoretical analysis. Our primary model system is the zebrafish. We seek a Lab Manager/Research Technician to help establish our new laboratory at the University of Chicago. This individual will oversee the ordering and maintenance of equipment, inventory, and scheduling of lab meetings. They will also oversee zebrafish line maintenance. In addition to these administrative responsibilities, this individual will spend about 50% of their time conducting experiments under the supervision and guidance of the Principal Investigator, including assisting in the development and troubleshooting of new laboratory techniques. This is a particularly exciting opportunity for someone who wants to be part of a team where they are valued for both their managerial and scientific contributions.


  • Maintains records of zebrafish lines.

  • Breeds zebrafish for colony maintenance.

  • Manages export/import of zebrafish lines.

  • Conducts experiments under the supervision of the Principal Investigator.

  • Responsible for ordering supplies.

  • Monitors and troubleshoot equipment and arrange instrument repair.

  • Manages laboratory inventory.

  • Tracks project expenditures.

  • Manages lab safety checklists, schedules, lab maintenance, and cleanup schedules.

  • Onboards new lab members, help with arranging/completing all necessary paperwork and set up orientation sessions, and safety training.

  • Manages the laboratory website.

  • Maintains technical and administrative support for a research project.

  • Installs, sets up and performs experiments; interacting with students and other laboratory staff under the direction of the principal investigator.

  • Maintains recruiting and scheduling research subjects; assisting with developing or amending study protocols; assisting with developing data collection tools; assisting with building databases; and providing general administrative support. Has general awareness in research techniques or methods, regulatory policies and procedures, and relevant scientific field.

  • Performs other related work as needed.


Minimum Qualifications

Minimum requirements include a college or university degree in related field.

Work Experience:
Minimum requirements include knowledge and skills developed through < 2 years of work experience in a related job discipline.

Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor’s in biology, biophysics, or a related discipline.

Conducting research in an experimental biology lab
Working with zebrafish.

Preferred Competencies

  • Knowledge of biology at a bachelor’s level.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Writing and communication skills.
  • Ability to work with a team.

To Apply:

  • Resume (required)
  • Cover Letter (required)
  • References (2 required)

When applying, the document(s) MUST be uploaded via the My Experience page, in the section titled Application Documents of the application.

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