Installation and Service Technician: Aquaneering

Organization: Aquaneering Inc. 
Date Posted: 10/27/2021
City: San Diego
State: California
Primary Category: Technician
Type of Position: Installation and Service Technician

Description & Details:

The systems installer / service technician will build, install, and service systems for aquatics research. The systems are designed to hold zebrafish and xenopus frogs and occasionally other aquaria.
At company plant in San Diego, the install team efficiently builds the aquaria shelving and filter systems, and puts them through testing before they are shipped to the end customer for installation. Since the installers are faced with the reality of challenges in the field situations, their input and participation in this phase of the product is critical. In the field, the installers arrive at the customer research facility. The Product has been shipped ahead, or is met there by the installers. The installers must unpack and arrange all equipment in place according to detailed drawings. The installation involves putting together rack systems, plastic pipe fittings, integrating the monitoring systems with the aquatics equipment, and setting up the probing instrumentation to properly monitor the system. They verify that the systems are running properly prior to completion and customer sign off.
Installers also train the professionals at the research facilities to operate the systems, and to provide service regarding pH, conductivity, salinity, dosing, and other maintenance or repairs.
This position involves travel in the US, Canada, and possibly Europe and Asia. Typical travel schedule is approximately 2 weeks per month. After 5 days of out of town overnight stay installation work, an unpaid “down” day is offered to employees if they choose, but it must be taken within 2 weeks of the travel. All travel related expenses are paid.
Other Duties as Assigned 

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Candidate should have a strong passion in biology, aquaculture, fish husbandry, and have documented construction or fabrication experience. Must be able to work well with hands, read drawings, and follow directions. Must have good communication skills, a team player personality, and be adaptable to change with a positive attitude. Must be punctual and dependable. Must be able to lift 50 pounds. Must be able to perform a mixture of bending, squatting, kneeling, and standing for the shift. Must be able to wear respirator when needed and have no breathing difficulties. Candidates with a degree in Biology or Aquaculture, Experience in Fish Farming, Fish Husbandry, and construction of Fish Facilities a plus. Candidate must have valid passport for international travel.

To Apply:

Please send resume and cover letter to: and if you have any questions please email Caitlin Coronel at



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