Aquatic Facility Specialist II: National Institute of Health


National Institute of Health

Date Posted: 9/26/2023
City: Bethesda
State: Maryland
Primary Category: AALAS, ALAT, and LAT Animal Care Technicians
Type of Position: Aquatic Facility Specialist

Description & Details:

Under the direction of Project Management, the Aquatic Facility Specialist II will provide technical and husbandry services. Primary responsibilities include the provision of animal husbandry to aquatic species (Zebrafish, Xenopus & Cavefish) or any other aquatic or semi-aquatic species that may be utilized in biomedical research, the scheduling of procedure room usage, husbandry room activities, and storage room maintenance. Duties include maintaining/ troubleshooting housing systems, performing basic water quality tests, room sanitation and maintaining detailed records. Responsible for completing assigned duties according to established procedures, guidelines, and instructions. Aquatic Facility Specialists II will demonstrate the ability to interact with investigators and have experience with the type of research animals assigned to the area.

  • Adhere to established SOPs, NIH security procedures and confidentiality requirements
  • Assist in the receipt of animal, supplies, feed, and bedding
  • Assure accurate reporting and maintenance of routinely used items
  • Identify and report potential problem areas with personnel, equipment, or facilities
  • Support/comply with the QA/QC and Training programs
  • Maintain a current knowledge of existing and proposed laws, regulations, and guidelines affecting the care and use of animals
  • Communicate in English (both oral and written form) and demonstrate use of good leadership, team building and management skills
  • Identifies/reports abnormalities (parasites, abnormal behavior, etc.) of aquatic species to Facility Veterinarian
  • Technical service to include maintaining all aquatic support equipment, breeding schedules, stock/strain breeding, setup of fish breeding tanks for investigator use, and maintains all aquatics facilities
  • Change aquatic holding tanks as per SOP to maintain appropriate water quality and provide visibility of animals for daily observations;
  • Deliver dirty tanks to designated facilities for cagewash services
  • Applies aquatic terminology in all methods of communication
  • Safely and correctly handles and restrains animals for observation and/or minor procedures
  • Maintains all aquatic holding systems and areas in clean condition without risk to research animals housed
  • Inspect all rooms and common areas for damaged equipment and abnormal environmental parameters
  • Identifies, documents, and reports any environmental abnormalities
  • Accurately performs all in-house water quality tests. Applies knowledge of basic aquatic water chemistry
  • Assist in coordinating the use of all aquatic procedure areas. This involves keeping the areas stocked with supplies, (e.g., crossing tanks, nets, screens, etc.).
  • Applies knowledge of similarities and differences of types of aquatic holding systems
  • Other duties as assigned


Shall have background knowledge of working with animals in biomedical research. AALAS ALAT certified and become LAT certified within six (6) months of eligibility. Have one year experience in a laboratory animal facility working with aquatic species required. Formal education shall include a minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent but a BS degree in biological sciences is preferred. Must be able to maintain all water holding systems. Effectively troubleshoots system problems. Recognize various parasites, abnormal clinical chemistry values, and abnormal behavior(s) of animals, correctly notifying the veterinarian immediately. Must have a working knowledge of computer software (e.g. Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.)

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