Postdoctoral Position: Stem Cell Biology/ Single-Cell -Omicsto Study the Dynamics of Adult Neural Stem Celllineage Progression


Bally-Cuif Laboratory
Institut Pasteur

Date Posted: 8/01/2023
City: Paris
Country: France
Primary Category: Research
Type of Position: Postdoctoral Position

Description & Details:

We are seeking an outstanding and highly motivated Postdoctoral fellow to study the spatiotemporal dynamics of transcriptomic heterogeneitiesin adult neural stem cells in the vertebrate brain. Adult neural stem cells often “rest” in quiescence, a dynamic state that appears heterogeneous at the transcriptomic level. Some of them also progress along the neurogenic lineage, again in association with transcriptomic changes.These changes respond to cell-intrinsic programs and to cell neighborhood interactions. Using the neural stem cell niche of the zebrafish adult telencephalon, the project aims to use innovative multimodal single-cell -omics, transgenesis and spatial neighborhood mapping in situ to decipher the transcriptomic trajectories of individual neural stem cells and their spatiotemporal regulation in vivo. It will combine sc-NMTseq, trajectory predictions in single cells, genetic approaches, intravital imaging and cell tracing in the adult animal, and quantitative image analysis.

This open position is part of the recently granted ERC Synergy project PEPS(“Perpetuating Stemness”), a multi-dimensional exploration of spatiotemporal coordination between heterogeneous NSCs to control stemness maintenance in mouse and zebrafish involves the Bally-Cuif lab together with the labs of Ana Martin-Villalba (DKFZ, Heidelberg), Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Inst. of Applied Mathematics, Heidelberg University) and Simon Anders (Bioquant, Heidelberg University). The recruited postdoctoral fellow will be based in the Bally-Cuif lab at Institut Pasteur but will also spend some training months in sc-NMTseq, biostatistics and mathematical modeling in the Heidelberg groups

The Bally-Cuif lab is affiliated with the Department of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology of Institut Pasteur, which offers a vibrant and interdisciplinary scientific environment in downtown Paris.


Candidates must hold a PhD in biology, have a strong interest in stem cell biology and/or zebrafish genetics, and a strong molecular background with preferably experience in single-cell -omics analyses. Proficiency in English is required.

To Apply:

To apply, please submit a CV, motivation letter and at least two reference letters jointly to:

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