Research Group Leader: Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute


Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute

Date Posted: 09/10/2021
City: Clayton
State: Victoria
Country: Australia
Primary Category: Research
Type of Position: Research Group Leader


Description and Details:

Applications are invited from exceptionally motivated scientists with an ambitious and original vision for research that aligns with Australian Regenerative Medicine Institutes (ARMI) core research themes. ARMI is excited to be offering the opportunity for a Level C Senior Research Fellow or Level D Associate Professor (Research) to join its dynamic research leadership. ARMI welcomes applications from individuals who seek to make major transformational discoveries running their independent research program and who wish to accelerate their scientific research career as an EMBL Australia Group Leader.

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We are now seeking to recruit an outstanding Research Group Leader who will head up an independent research team undertaking research within one of two existing research themes:

Neural regeneration: The Centre for Dementia and Brain Repair is a newly formed research Centre with ARMI, leveraging off and complementing ARMI’s current research excellence in diverse research activities in the neural regeneration theme. A new expert in this area would bring the Centre to its full potential. We are looking to recruit an individual who will bring novel approaches to the issue of brain repair and neural degeneration.

Organ engineering and synthetic biology: Our aim is to strengthen capacity in this new research strength at ARMI and we seek to recruit an individual using novel and cutting-edge research methodologies and directions to the theme. Individuals with research strengths in creating new biological material from stem cells in vitro, understanding pluripotency, organoid biology, as well as those who study enhancing the body’s endogenous repair systems through tissue engineering approaches would complement the Institute’s current researchers in this theme.

The successful applicant will also participate in the collegial, collaborative culture of ARMI as well as the EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Network (PLN). They will actively support the development of the PLN by participating in the various programs aimed at increasing research excellence and internationalisation.

EMBL Australia and Monash University are committed to supporting a gender-diverse and inclusive work environment, ensuring equal employment opportunity to attract and retain the best in their field. Attractive conditions and benefits are offered to ensure a flexible and family-friendly working environment.

How to Apply:

To apply, please provide a cover letter, CV (in English), and a summary of present and future research interests (max. 5 pages) to 


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