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Laure Bally-Cuif Candidate Statement
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PhD, Department of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

Institut Pasteur and CNRS UMR3738 (Paris, France)



-Organization of international, national or regional zebrafish meetings

3rd European Conference on Fish Development and Genetics, Paris, 2003; 8th International Meeting of Zebrafish Development and Genetics, Madison, 2008; EU COST Meeting on Zebrafish Behavior and Physiology, London, 2010; 2nd European Strategic Conference of Zebrafish PIs, Karlsruhe, 2012; International Meeting on Zebrafish Models in Translational Medicine, Courcelles-sur-Yvette, 2013

-Financial officer (2008-2012) then vice-chair (2012) of the EU COST action EUFishBioMed

-Founding member of the European zebrafish society (2012)

-Vice-chair of the European FP6 IP network ZF-Health (+ work package leader)

-Organization of other international meetings relevant to animal research

International Meeting on miRNAs in Plant and Animal Development, Paris, 2010; Joint international meeting of the French Society for Developmental Biology and the Network for Functional analyses in Model Organisms, Paris, 2014; Jacques Monod international Conference in Developmental Biology on “Building, Repairing and Evolving Biological Tissues”, Roscoff, 2015; planned “Notch Meeting XI”, Athens, 2017; planned international Jacques Monod Conference in Developmental Biology on “Modeling Cell Fate”, Roscoff, 2018

-Member of the Governing Board of the French Society for Developmental Biology (since 2013)

-Director of an International PhD Program in Neuroscience for the Paris area (ENP) (since 2010)

-Member of the CNRS and INSERM study sections in Neuroscience (2008-2012) and Development, Cell biology and Evolution (2012-2016)

-Deputy Director of CNRS UMR3738 (2016-2020)

-Member of the Governing Board of the “Developmental and Stem Cell Biology” Department at Institut Pasteur (2016-2020)

-Evaluator for grant applications of the ERC, DFG, Wellcome Trust, BBSRC, FRM, AFM, ANR…

-Participant in various public outreach interviews or web movies for the promotion of the zebrafish or animal research


Candidate Statement:

I have had the privilege of belonging to the zebrafish community for more than 20 years, first as a postdoctoral fellow in the USA (R.K. Ho’s lab, Princeton U., 1995-96) and since then back in Europe, as a PI in Germany (1997-2010) and France (2010-today). I feel immensely fortunate for having had the chance, almost from its start, to follow and participate in the incredible flourishing and scientific accomplishments of our community. During these years, I have steadily engaged in helping, promoting and structuring our activities as a zebrafish community. It is my hope that these actions are primarily evident through the scientific input I have provided to promote novel successful avenues for zebrafish research (most notably contributing to highlight the power of the zebrafish model system in the study of adult behavior and adult neural stem cells). However, I have also contributed via my involvement in educational activities, the organization of several general and topical zebrafish meetings in the USA and Europe, by advocating for animal research at French and European levels, and by devoting efforts to important founding events for the zebrafish community in Europe (ZF-Health, COST action EUFishBioMed, European Zebrafish Society). Together, I am confident that these achievements place me in a qualifying position to successfully represent the European zebrafish community within the IZFS Board.


 As a Board member, I would be a liaison and promote cohesion between the European and International zebrafish societies and resources, and more generally be a strong voice serving our common cause for the advancement and worldwide recognition of zebrafish research as a whole. In addition to promoting scientific exchange, coordination, progress and enthusiasm within our community, I see the IZFS as an absolutely key strategic node to achieve the recognition of zebrafish research as a fundamental upstream component leading to translational advance, and a key voice promoting the indispensability of animal models in research. Should I be elected as a Board member, I will be particularly sensitive to these issues, and proud to contribute time, effort and knowledge to the advancement of our community.

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