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I’m very pleased to introduce the third installment of our International Zebrafish Society (IZFS) “News Splash” newsletter.  The IZFS is providing these informative and entertaining newsletters as a service to our members to help keep them up to date on goings-on in the zebrafish research community.
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IZFS 2017 Election Results
In our first open election for IZFS Board members, voting was robust and exceeded all our expectations.  With close voting results, 65% of IZFS members cast a ballot.
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The 10th European Zebrafish Meeting Report
The past month of July began by receiving the lively community of zebrafish researchers in the stunning city of Budapest in Hungary.
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2017 Midwest Zebrafish Meeting Report 
The 2017 Midwest Zebrafish meeting was held June 16-18 at the University of Cincinnati.
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MBL Embryology Course 2017

The Embryology Course at the Marine Biology Laboratory in Woods Hole took place this summer for the 124th time. The course provides an in depth overview of the theory and the experimental techniques in classic and modern developmental biology.

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2017 Streisinger Award

The Streisinger award 2017 was awarded to Christiane 'Janni' Nüsslein-Volhard earlier this year at the International European Zebrafish Meeting in Budapest.


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2017 Chi-Bin Chien Award
The Chi-Bin Chien award was created by the zebrafish community to honor a brilliant and inspiring young scientist who left a gap in the zebrafish community due to his untimely death in 2011.
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News Splash - Help Wanted

Graphics Competition!

News Splash is looking for creative members of our community to contribute to our graphics for the newsletter.

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Fish & Chips

“Fish & Chips”, a new regular column, will provide updates about current events at the zebrafish model organism database (ZFIN,, and the Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC,

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In this column we will highlight selected publications from the zebrafish community, in case you missed it! 
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Fish Tales

It was 45 years ago that Charline Walker found herself working on zebrafish. She was recently interviewed about the early years developing zebrafish as a genetic model with George Streisinger at the University of Oregon, as well as her reflections on her career and the current state of the field.

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Meet the IZFS Members


This regular column features established and up-and-coming IZFS member scientists answering a set of questions that cover a broad range of topics, science and career-related and personal. We hope that these columns will not only help our readers learn more about the scientific interests and accomplishments of their colleagues, but also what motivates them, why they got into science, and what they do in their spare time.


Meet the Investigator

Dr. Lisa Maves

Featured Trainee

Karen Mruk


   Coming Soon - "Ask Splash"  

Starting in the next issue, Splash will be answering questions about zebrafish, research, graduate school, postdoctoral positions, job searching, surviving in academia, life outside academia – you name it!  Splash is a very smart fish!

If you have a question to ask Splash, please send it to

Splash will select appropriate questions for publication and response in upcoming newsletters. Questions are presented anonymously, and confidentiality is guaranteed if requested.  We reserve the right to edit questions for clarity and brevity.


  Coming Soon- Community Bulletin Board  
  The IZFS Community Bulletin board is a place to share news from our members.  Please let us know if you have news to share, such as awards, promotions, new positions, etc. by contacting 


 IZFS Job Board

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